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About PRG
The Plant Resistance Genes (PRG) database is intended to serve as a research tool to identify and study genes involved in the disease resistance process in all plants. Data from a variety of on-line resources and literature are stored in several sections to create a unified knowledge resource with emphasis on R gene characterization and classification. The database was designed so as to allow easy integration with other data types and existing and future databases. For each cloned R gene (reference gene) is provided a fine locus annotation, reporting also homologous sequences and related disease sequences. Moreover we built cross links with pathogen and disease information to obtain a complete view of the plant-gene-pathogen interaction system.
Interested in sharing and linking your data to the PRG datasets? Contact us to prg@crg.eu
All plant images have been collected from the web as follows: (i) most of them are copyright free and have been gathered from botanical gardens and research institutes; (ii) some others are copyrighted as they are available in Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.com), NCBI (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/), and Karlheinz Knoch (www.knoch1.de). All copyrighted images are signed with the name of the source. .
Database Core Schema
PRG R-genes tree
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Sol Genomic Network
NCBI: National Center for Biotecnological Information
TIGR: The Institute for Genomic Research
POMAMO: Potato Maps and More
PHI-BASE: Pathogen Host Interaction
UC IPM: State Wide Integrted Pest Management Program

For any suggestions or comments, please send an email to prg@crg.eu