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The class “Other” consists in a miscellaneus set of R proteins that do not fit into any of the known four classes, but that has resistance function. To date 13 genes were cloned to that class indicating that there are other way to produce resistance in plant kingdom.

List of Genes from this Class

  Name Species
PRGDB00178930 Sb03g008160.1 Sorghum bicolor
PRGDB00178977 Sb03g025670.1 Sorghum bicolor
PRGDB00203919 Bradi2g01217.1 Brachypodium distachyon
PRGDB00210293 Eucgr.E03068.1 Eucalyptus grandis
PRGDB00210294 Eucgr.E03069.1 Eucalyptus grandis
PRGDB00076143 Rsa.10452 Raphanus sativus
PRGDB00076291 Rsa.23978 Raphanus sativus
PRGDB00076381 Sbi.2400 Sorghum bicolor
PRGDB00079409 Bra.15419 Poa pratensis
PRGDB00066666 At.51002 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00064471 Zm.120206 Zea mays
PRGDB00064395 Zm.96989 Zea mays
PRGDB00168432 LOC_Os01g02310.1 Oryza sativa
PRGDB00180145 Si003953m Setaria italica
PRGDB00180134 Si004315m Setaria italica
PRGDB00179999 Si004228m Setaria italica
PRGDB00049062 At1g56520/F25P12_23 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00049545 leucine-rich repeat family protein Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00049557 leucine-rich repeat family protein Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00049683 RPW8.2 Arabidopsis thaliana
… further results
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