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RLKs, or Receptor like Kinases, consist of an extracellullar leucine-rich repeat region (eLRR) that consist of 25-38aa conferring broad interaction surface that is well suited to interact with multiple ligands and an intracellular kinase domain. The eLRR domain plays the recognising role while the kinase triggers the downstream activation cascades. In Arabidopsis genome RLKs constitute a large gene family divided in 44 subclasses, 12 of them have the extracellular domain LRR while the other use different type of receptor like B-lactin and many others.

List of Genes from this Class

  Name Species
PRGDB00077214 Stu.9038 Solanum tuberosum
PRGDB00077307 Stu.15056 Solanum tuberosum
PRGDB00078676 Vvi.7945 Vitis vinifera
PRGDB00079106 Vvi.25757 Vitis vinifera
PRGDB00209696 Eucgr.C04351.1 Eucalyptus grandis
PRGDB00076065 Rra.29222 Raphanus raphanistrum
PRGDB00078252 Tcc.29184 Theobroma cacao
PRGDB00078315 Vun.5493 Vigna unguiculata
PRGDB00078600 Vvi.5127 Vitis vinifera
PRGDB00066667 At.51102 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066638 At.50021 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066635 At.50007 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066632 At.49995 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066631 At.49994 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066628 At.49971 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066623 At.49875 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066505 At.42140 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066396 At.36473 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066394 At.36461 Arabidopsis thaliana
PRGDB00066393 At.36455 Arabidopsis thaliana
… further results
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