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Dear contributor,

please read this guide to add contribution to our project.

  1. Create an account and Log-in
  2. Decide if you want to:
  • Add a contribution on a R-gene
  • Upgrade PRG-wiki information
  • Create a new page with new information

Create an accout

The first time that you will try to modify a page a windows to create an account will appear on your screen

After your registration you can directly log-in by username and password

Add a contribution to a reference resistance gene

To add a contribution to an already know resistance gene you can search the gene of interest in wikis page with a keyword search (upper right box) or perform search throught our search box in the home page in which you can select your gene of interest look for its feauture and add a contribution clicking on the wiki button (on gene page upper right corner)

Upgrade PRG-wiki information

If you want to upgrade a wiki page, after log-in simply press the "modify button" an edit the page

Create a new page with new information

Before creating a new wiki page please search it in the by search box. If no result coming out a page with a clickable "create this page" will appear. Click on it and start to enjoy PRG-Wiki comunity.

Note: new edits are not public immediately. Our team of reviewers must check them before they become public. All editions are kept and can be checked from history, though.

Contribute new genes

or Upload multiple sequences at once

Add a reference to a page

To simnply add a reference to a page please use this sintax:


in which the PMID number is the ID number of PUBMED articles.

How edit a page

You can learn about wiki editing taking as reference information provided by Wikipedia.

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